Clean kitchendesign Black satin varnish, stainless steel and glass

Clean kitchendesign  - Black satin varnish, stainless steel and glass

It does not always has to be white. The warm black colour of the satin varnish surface give a noble and clear look to this kitchen. A lot of storage and no wall unit as well as no annoying extractor hood at the window side.  But a cooktop extractorsystem, which fits to this kitchen design in a harmonious and minimalist way. No wonder, that BORA partner Küchen Necker planned with the awarded cooktop extractorsystem BORA Classic. Moreover the possibility to choose different cooktops to combinate them, convinced the customer. With gas and induction cooktop not only the BORA 10|10 recipes work out well...


Küchen Necker GmbH,

BORA Classic cooktop extraczor system with gas and induction cooktops