myBORA Rezepte - Rezepte Deutscher Meister der Hobbyköche
The BORA 10 I 10 Rezepte 10 Minuten Vorbereitung & 10 Minuten Kochen Gesunde Rezepte nach den BORA Ernährungsrichtlinien

10I10 Edition Deutscher Meister der Hobbyköche 2017

The BORA 10|10 recipes and nutrition guidelines

In the busy and stressful daily life one have less time for lengthy and elaborate food preparation. With our 10 | 10 recipes healthy food can be quick and easy. All of the recipes share common traits: they are not only wonderfully delicious and healthy, but also take just 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook, so the dishes are soon ready to be served.

All recipes were created according to the BORA nutrition guidelines. With the philosophy “Good health starts in the kitchen”, healthy food can be integrated into the daily life. Rules of thumb: no sugar or gluten, some gluten-free grains, high quality animal protein, beans and pulses, plenty of good fats, limited amount of dairy, limited amount of low-fructose and as much vegetables as possible.

With all the 10|10 editions there is something for every taste: Roadbike World Champion Peter Sagan, star chef Andreas Senn, Armin A. Auer, Head of the BORA cook academy up to the finalists of the competition “German Master of amateur cooks” have created 10 recipes for BORA.