BORA manufacturer’s warranty

BORA provides its end customers with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for its products. The end customer is entitled to this warranty in addition to the statutory claims for defects against the sellers of our products.

The manufacturer's warranty applies to the BORA products listed here that are purchased from authorised BORA dealers or BORA-trained sellers and installed within the European Union (overseas territories excluded), Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Serbia, Israel, UK, Iceland, India, Australia and New Zealand, with the exception of products designated by BORA as universal or accessory items:

The manufacturer’s warranty starts as soon as the BORA product is handed over to the end customer by an authorised BORA dealer and is valid for 2 years. By registering on www. the end customer has the possibility of extending the manufacturer’s warranty.
For BORA products from the lighting category, the warranty is extended to 5 years after registration.

The manufacturer’s warranty requires expert (in accordance with the valid BORA ventilation handbook and operating instructions at the time of installation) installation of the BORA products by an authorised BORA dealer. During use, the end customer is to adhere to the specifications and instructions in the operating manual.

In order to file a warranty claim, the end customer is to notify their dealer or BORA of the fault and must present the receipt. Alternatively, the end customer can provide proof of purchase by registering on

BORA guarantees that all BORA products are free from material and product defects. The defect must exist prior to delivery of the product to the end customer. In the event that a warranty claim is filed, the warranty shall not commence anew.

BORA will correct defects in BORA products at its own discretion by repairing or replacing the product. All costs for the correction of defects under the manufacturer’s warranty shall be assumed by BORA.

Expressly not covered by the BORA manufacturer’s warranty are:

  • BORA products that were not sold by authorised BORA dealers or from BORA-trained salespeople.
  • Damage caused by non-adherence to the operating instructions (including product care and cleaning) This represents improper use.
  • Damage caused by normal use, e.g. traces of usage on the cooktop
  • Damage caused by external influences (such as transport damage, ingress of condensation, damage caused by the elements such as a lightning strike)
  • Damage caused by repairs or attempts to repair not made by BORA or persons authorised by BORA
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Damage to, plastic frames, glass components, metal components (coated and uncoated),
    touch - display, plastic and other wear parts.
  • Secondary damage or claims for damages beyond the defect
  • Damage to plastic parts

Other specific exceptions for steam ovens

  • Damage caused by water or dirt due to missing covers or elements
  • Damage caused by water placed inside the oven chamber
  • Damage caused by extending the water supply and drainage hose without drinking water certification or by extending non-specified pipes with an adapter


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